About Caldera®

Learn About Caldera Hot Tubs

Caldera® Spas are expertly designed and crafted to provide the ultimate in comfort, design, and performance, so you can achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle. Each Caldera hot tub offers the many benefits of warm water therapy and hydromassage right at home, helping you feel renewed anytime—even when you have only a few minutes to spare.

Experience Transformation through Hydrotherapy

Transform yourself with a warm soak and jet massage every day. Thanks to the benefits of hydrotherapy, a Caldera spa helps to provide a brand-new point of view by:

  • Releasing the accumulated tension of daily life
  • Accelerating recovery of tired muscles
  • Relaxing your mind

When you emerge from your spa soothed, you feel renewed. That’s because the water’s temperature improves blood flow and helps muscles recover. Soaking in a hot tub takes the weight of gravity off your joints and tissue as the jets knead and soften your body, rolling out aches and pains. Combined, the positive effects of hydrotherapy leave you feeling healthy, happy, and replenished.

With a Caldera spa, you can look forward to a daily calming and transformational ritual that helps you become more centered, focused, and optimistic.

The Caldera Difference

When it comes to comfort, design, and performance, Caldera spas are unmatched. The seats are sculpted to provide the most comfortable soaks imaginable and a spacious central footwell gives you room to stretch while providing an anchor on which to rest. High-tech entertainment features complement elegant shell design, eye-catching color choices, modern cabinets, and scintillating lights—all of which will change the way you see and experience your backyard. The powerful jets help massage your muscles, releasing tension. And under the hood, high-performance heaters and hearty motors combine with quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure you enjoy your spa for as long as you own it.

The Caldera Utopia® Series

Caldera Utopia® Series spas represent our finest and most luxurious hot tubs. Pure comfort is achieved through ergonomic design, while strategically placed massaging jets allow you to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy with every soak.

Stylistically, the Utopia Series is contemporary, with sleek jet escutcheons, SpaGlo® zone lighting, Avante cabinets, and brilliant, colorful LED lighting. High performing, convenient, and energy-efficient, Caldera Utopia Series spas are favored by those who want the very best in personal care.

The Caldera Paradise® Series

Caldera Paradise Series spas invite you to enjoy a deep, powerful hydromassage. Built for practicality, energy-efficient FiberCorⓇ insulation keeps in heat, even in the coldest weather. Premium options include a wireless audio system with extended BluetoothⓇ technology and the Monarch CD Ozone water purification system.

The Caldera Vacanza® Series

Caldera Vacanza Series spas provide true value for their owners. Crafted for ease of use and wellness, their jet configurations massage major muscle groups to maximize the therapeutic benefits. Vacanza Series spas also feature energy-efficient FiberCor® insulation and the integrated FROG® in-line water care system.

Include a Caldera Spa on Your Journey to Wellness

Using a hot tub regularly can be your key to a healthier life, rewarding you on your wellness journey with daily peace of mind and tranquility. Experiencing the benefits of hydrotherapy in a Caldera spa allows you to relax and recharge to bring you back to where you belong. With a Caldera spa, you enter with tension and emerge transformed.